Why is it that your books are of high quality, yet your prices are relatively cheap?

You frequently update your books. Why?

It seems like every year almost all the questions drop from your questions and answers books. What is the secret?

Your workbooks are very good. Should we always rely on you for supply?

Why do you deceive the public? You have indicated in your RME Textbook that ‘heaven and earth’ were not the first things that God created as mentioned in Genesis 1. Please, why this assertion?

Why is it that your books are not sold on the market?

Seeing how good your books are and are not found in the market, how can I get it in my village or community?

How does my school get its supply, how do we contact you?

Do you have learning materials for Basic and Senior High Schools?

Is it possible to make our orders through your website?

Why ‘The Guide’ as your brand name?

Why are your books (The Guide) rated THE BEST among other brands in the market?